Friday, December 21, 2007

Lock and Load

Went out to finish my Christmas shopping today and ended up selfishly spending $45 on myself! YAY! I found a gorgeous locket at Red Pegasus on College and I couldn't not buy it. I've been in the market for one for ages.

...and now to figure out what the hell to put in it. David? Pete? Jesus? Pamela? Perhaps a shot of Val Kilmer circa Top Gun?
I guess I didn't put much thought into this...oh well. It's pretty.

P.s. sometimes blogging when you can't blog about what's REALLY on your mind for fear of being found out.

1 comment:

Alana T. DeVee said...

Bowie circa Ziggy? mmmmmmmmmmmm or Circa Diamond Dogs (as seen on the Dick Cavett show looking especially coked, and just as fucking fabulous)

I'd put either in my locket (if I had one as pretty as yours).