Monday, January 28, 2008

Q107's Top 50 Vocalists

This weekend, Q107 did a list...they got their listeners to vote for the top rock 50 vocalists of all time. This is what they came up with...
1. Robert Plant
2. Freddie Mercury
3. John Lennon
4. Roger Daltrey
5. David Gilmour
6. Jim Morrison
7. Paul McCartney
8. Elton John
9. David Bowie
10. Bono
11. Burton Cummings
12. Don Henley
13. Mick Jagger
14. Van Morrison
15. Janis Joplin
16. Bon Scott
17. Sting
18. Steven Tyler
19. Joe Cocker
20. Paul Rodgers
21. Eric Clapton
22. Rod Stewart
23. Brian Johnson
24. Bruce Springsteen
25. David Crosby
26. Pete Townshend
27. Stevie Nicks
28. Ian Gillian
29. Geddy Lee
30. Peter Gabriel
31. Stephen Stills
32. Roger Waters
33. John Fogerty
34. Jon Anderson
35. Neil Young
36. George Harrison
37. Meat Loaf
38. Greg Lake
39. David Lee Roth
40. Bob Dylan
41. Steve Winwood
42. Jon Bon Jovi
43. Roger Hodgson
44. Gregg Allman
45. Ann Wilson
46. Phil Collins
47. Alice Cooper
48. Eric Burdon
49. Axl Rose
50. Brad Delp
-I think Freddie and Robert should be flipped - honestly nobody compares to Freddie Mercury, not even Plant (though he should definitely have been number 2)
-I love Jim Morrison, but he shouldn't necessarily be that high on the list - especially not above Bowie...
-I'm not questioning their validity as influential and amazing artists, but should Bob Dylan and Neil Young really be on the list as VOCALISTS? Strip away everything else and their vocal skills are lackluster...
-Ann Wilson should NOT have been that low on the list - come on...
-Mick Jagger? Really?

What do you think?...


timothy401967 said...

is this list for real? where is lou gramm or steve perry? and why is bruce springsteen and axl rose on there? i think my vacuum cleaner sounds better than both of them! lol! and what about bryan adams? 3 of the most amazing singers in rock history and none of them are on there! i guess most of the voters must be deaf, stupid or both! lol! anyway, thats my 2 cents for the day!

mojojojo said...

if you think that list is a mess ... you should see this list ...

I seriously hope that list is in no particular order ...
24 The Edge of U2
70 Eddie Van Halen
here is a MUCH more intelligent list

Anonymous said...

harrumphh! No Joni Mitchell???

Anonymous said...

Correct me if i am wrong,i do believe a vocalist means by definition,a "singer".There seems to be a few screamers on this list.
I would have to agree were is Joni Mitchell?
Here are a few others that "sing" better than alot on this list.
Aretha Franklin,Art Garfunkle,Roy Orbison,Steve Perry,Joan Baez,Cat Stevens,James Taylor,and i got to throw in Roberta Flack,just to name a few.
Evidently,alot of these voters don't know what a singer means.

L.R. Fiend said...

keep in mind, Q107 IS a classic rock station, so people like Roberta Flack and Aretha don't fit within the genre.

petermurray said...

Here's my top 20 list!

Notable additions missing from the Q107 list: Jeff Buckley, Joni Mitchell and Elvis Presley!

1 Jeff Buckley
2 Freddie Mercury
3 Robert Plant
4 Paul McCartney
5 Steven Tyler
6 David Lee Roth
7 Bono
8 David Bowie
9 Elvis Presley
10 Jon Anderson
11 Peter Gabriel
12 Roger Daltrey
13 Joni Mitchell
14 Rod Stewart
15 Paul Rodgers
16 Brad Delp
17 Pete Townshend
18 Janis Joplin
19 John Lennon
20 Ian Gillian

Trevor said...

that list is wrong Freddie Mercury got the 1st....