Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yes please!

Oh if only I was not a poor, starving (did I mention POOR?) student. Whoever says "Money can't buy happiness" has not seen the beautiful Betsey Johnson peeptoes I have my eye on. I was inspired to make a little visual wish list by one of my favourite blogs The Vintage Society. And here she is: See? Told you the Betsey's were magic. The soles are a diamond checkerboard pattern with a big pink Betsey kiss on them! *swoon*

As for the rest:
-my hippie soul craves a peace pendant (a trip to Forever 21 is definitely in order)
-I have a random obsession with jumpers and must find the perfect one. I found a great one in black at Urban Behaviour, it was even on sale for $15 - but the only ones in my size had holes in them (damn you shitty cheap clothing manufacturers)!
-And as for the gladiators...At first I was not a fan, but after seeing some great pairs at Coachella I have turned. HOWEVER, I am NOT a fan of the up-to-the-knee crazy bondage-looking ones. I'd just like a simple pair, no higher than the ankle. So there.

I have yet to mention that I've recently joined the Toronto band Modernboys Moderngirls. I am singing back up vox and playing some sweet sweet tamborine! We have some pretty cool dates coming up, including a NXNE showcase and Edgefest!
Last night at rehearsal we played through our entire NXNE set, and I must say, there is nothing more exhilerating, fun, and satisfying than rocking out at full volume for 40 minutes. My ideal career choice? ROCK STAR

Come check us out if you're in the area this Thursday! Be sure to get there early, it's bound to fill up way before midnight!


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