Monday, November 17, 2008


So I suck at blogging. So what? DEAL WITH IT.

Went to Lee's Palace last night for my beloved OURS. As expected, we were all blown away by frontman Jimmy Gnecco's incredible presence (and of course THAT VOICE). The man is a force.

I have yet to buy a USB cable for my new digital camera so I can't upload pictures of his lovely face, but see some shots and a WONDERFUL video on my friend Raymi's Blog.


About a million drinks later we ran into Jimmy on the street outside of Lee's where I proceeded to tell him he could stay at my house if it meant they'd come back to Toronto sooner. THREE CHEERS FOR ALCOHOLISM! *hangs head in shame*

In other news, I have just fallen in love with another band - and they're even CANADIAN (weirrrd).

The band? MOTHER MOTHER. I just bought the new album OMYHEART and I haven't really stopped listening to it yet...
x and o
-Miss A

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raymi lauren said...

i didn't know you bumped into him. glad i missed it otherwise i'd have topped you on the embarrassment verbal exchange meter guaranteed. shirt looks great.