Monday, November 24, 2008

I just want to live, is that a crime?

Me right now (1am):
I decided to Perez myself to showcase the black eyes I've developed due to lack of sleep, emotional exhaustion and stress. I've been de-cluttering, vacuuming, putting all my clothing in garbage bags, and transferring my cat to an alternate location in preparation for tomorrows death spray. Enjoy your last meal, fuckers...because tomorrow YOU DINE IN HELL.
(Finally a reason to quote Gerard Butler.)

Amid all this chaos I managed to download an album I've been trying to find for a couple months. No luck finding a solid copy, but thanks to a Puretracks $10 gift card I am now the proud digital owner of ALBERTA CROSS - The Thief and the Heartbreaker.
Buy it... seriously...if you don't like this record you're a knob.
(I'm allowed to say's my blog.)

See? Would I lead you astray?

x and o
-Miss A

P.S. I miss my cat already. The house is very empty without her.
P.s.s. I really REALLY appreciate the kudos, encouragement and feedback you guys are sending me on facebook in response to my blog, but I'd love you more if you actually commented on the actual posting itself from now on. :)


raymi lauren said...

with you on the emo stress


raymi lauren said...

ahh read post below now i get it, aw man shitty! my emo stress is non bug related but still it's there if that's any consolation.

Diary of a Love/Rock Fiend said...

I am consoled.

Thanks for the solidarity, dear. Emo stress fo life.

Caitlin H. said...

oh good sweet god.

lady, i feel for you 150%. the ever-present possibility of bedbugs has been my biggest nightmare ever since i read an article about them in vancouver (where, obviously, they are just a big a threat if not more so) to know that one of my friends has that very dilemma :( (my friend jenna had them when she moved into her new place a few months ago -- not fun at all, by her account)

chin up! you'll beat them bugs!