Monday, December 22, 2008

Helpless helpless helpeless...

I've been a stranger. I know. I'm sorry.

The past 2 weeks have been a blur. Christmas is in two days and I can hardly believe it... where did it come from? Where did 2008 go?

Heading home tomorrow to see my Daddy-o in Cambridge. Nothing like home cooked meals and watching rock DVD's on my Dad's sweeeet home theater system. Very excited.

Sometimes I wish I could be one of those bloggers that just says EVERYTHING... no-holds-barred. But I feel the need to keep certain things to myself. Even if I want to scream it from the rooftops, or wish I could ask your advice because I'm terrified. Unfortunately, you never know who's reading, and I let all my secrets, hopes and dreams loose on the interweb for public consumption. I'm a chump.
these lips are sealed.

x and o
-Miss A

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raymi lauren said...

just say what you feel