Tuesday, December 9, 2008

O My Heart, it's a fish out of water...

Good news Friends!

Not only am I anemic...but according to my new family-doc, I have a heart murmur!

Doc says it's likely nothing to be concerned about, but now I get to go thru a bazillion tests to be sure.
Had Chest Xray and Cardiogram on Monday, Friday I get extensive bloodwork and an echocardiogram. An Echocardiogram is basically a heart ultrasound. I'm hoping they'll give me a copy of the picture like they do to preggos - then I will name my heart and put it on my fridge...or take it in my wallet and shove it in peoples faces all the time.

In the meantime I've decided to combat my anemic blood issues with several zillion supplements. I figured that I'd need something to help me organize such extensive pill-taking, and thus, I transformed into a 75yr old geriatric and purchased THIS:
The contents:
  • Two 300mg iron supplements
  • One 1000mg B12 supplement
  • One Omega 3-6-9 supplement
  • One 500mg Vitamin D supplement
  • One anti-baby pill

I've also been trying to eat better (cheese pizza is not a good vegetarian diet...)*
SO I thought I'd share my current breakfast staple with you...

You will need:
  • 2 scoops Vanilla Soy Protein Powder (Life Brand - Shoppers Drug Mart)
  • 3/4 cup Everfresh Berry Pomegranate cocktail (made with REAL juice!)
  • 3 ice cubes
  • 1/2 cup Frozen (or fresh) raspberries
  • 4 tbsp Activia Vanilla yogurt
  • 1 slice multigrain bread
  • 1 tbsp Omega 3 enriched peanut butter (Shoppers Drug Mart)

In a glass, mix protein powder and juice until fully dissolved. Combine with ice cubes, yogurt and raspberries in blender. Blend until smooth. Toast multigrain bread until golden brown. Spread peanut butter on toasted slice. Eat/drink it up! (Serves 1)

* I am eating cheese pizza while I write this...


raymi lauren said...

jesus i feel so unhealthy looking at this post.

Diary of a Love/Rock Fiend said...

You're not the one with the heart murmur. Ease up. haha.

juck / ヨッシー said...

Your blog is so cool!!
Please link to my rock blog MRMR.

Baby In Black said...

far too much work. Cheese pizza and anemia it is for me!