Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blunt...but not James.

I gave my bangs the ol' chop last night. Bathroom, comb, kitchen scissors, and VOILA - a bold new look.
I know you're saying "I don't see a difference, A...stop being a twit." But you're WRONG!
Look how long they were!

Let's see what else is in the news... I am still single, was bordering on not for awhile (I'm sorry I didn't tell you - didn't want to jinx it, but apparently it wouldn't have mattered)... but do not fear, Miss A is still on the market - I know, it's shocking... and ever so exciting!

I've begun looking for new music to discover in '09 and my darling friend Hugh of The Wildbirds turned me onto this little gem of a band from California.
Ladies and gents...Dirty Sweet

Dirty Sweet - You've Been Warned from chris vanacore on Vimeo.

Hooray! Another band that I will have to travel to see live! Why do good bands never come here? Oh that's right, because Canadians don't have taste, and thus there is no demand. (note to self: make sure your non-patriotism is the subject of an upcoming blog).
Sidenote: 3 guys with long hair and beards? Could I be any more predictable?
x and o
-Miss A


raymi lauren said...

i have been resisting bangs again for awhile now so thanks for the temptation arg agr agragragrgagrg!

ps i LOVE your back tattoo, i was referencing mainly lower back tramp stamps and retarded hippie shoulder stamps that look gross as they fade.

Diary of a Love/Rock Fiend said...

I can't get away from the damn bangs. They've become a part of me.

Escape them if you can! They're too high maintenance!