Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Had a fun night out at the Drake last night - Curtis Santiago rocked my world once again. Had TOTAL Mickey Rourke face, but I caked on the makeup and braved the outdoors nonetheless.

Didn't take ANY good pictures (I really have to get better at pulling the ole' cam out) but luckily Raymi was there, so here are a couple of hers!

Raymi and I had a total girl-fest in public, talking about body-type, zits, cup size, who had skinnier legs, anxiety freak attacks. God forbid anyone overheard us. We are so charming.
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We also discussed blogging, and how she's the only person who comments on my blog. She raised a very good question:

"Why don't your FRIENDS comment on your blog?"

...riddle me that, friends. Why don't you comment? You come up to me all the time and tell me that you enjoy it. Yet you NEVER comment. It's effecting my self esteem and will to live. Help a brutha out, would ya?

I had a strange craving today, and decided to make Spaghetti at noon... an odd practice this side of Italy I'm sure... but I was quite keen.

The shirt says French Hugs & Bear Kisses. I've never worn it in public...
Yummmmmm. Aren't you jealous? Bet you wish you made spaghetti for lunch today!

Tonight I am going to the movies yet again with Britt... We have decided to see either Milk or Revolutionary Road. I can't decide which I want to see more! What do YOU think?

x and o
-Miss A


Nieka said...

so...haha. I thought I would leave a comment just for you.
You seem like you're living the life up there in T Dot. I definitely think we should get together and watch a movie. I have been falling behind on my movie going, although I am always very keen. As of late I would like to see:
Slumdog Millionaire, The Wrestler, Revolutionary Road, Milk and The Reader. If you ever want to go see one. Give me some notice, and I'll be there.
By the way, there's never anything wrong with spaghetti at noon. I realize this may be a bit of a bias comment coming from someone who eats pancakes at midnight and poutine for breakfast...

Nicholas said...

is that spaghetti at noon so crazy? also, your sauce looks kinda crusty. i bet mine smokes it, sonnnn.

Diary of a Love/Rock Fiend said...

Neika, I've seen the Wrestler (obviously by my previous entry) and I just got home from seeing Milk, but I would gladly go see Slumdog or Revolutionary Road with you. Name the date.

Nick, I'm sure your sauce if fabulous, I did pretty good with what I had. I've never claimed to be a chef, so making something that doesn't come from a box is a bit of a big deal for me... BE SUPPORTIVE.

raymi lauren said...

i'm in for rev road!

Leora said...

Oh yo. So I saw this on your facebook. I can make useless comments! Okay. So. Spaghetti sauce. It's exciting to make your own goddamn sauce out of vegetables instead of dumping the shit straight from the can. Hell yeah! Cooking at life!

jasmineistrash said...

that pasta looks pretty damn good!

Diary of a Love/Rock Fiend said...

It WAS pretty damn good. A bit heavy on the garlic, but I like it that way :)

jasmineistrash said...

garlic is awesome, never to heavy on the garlic.