Monday, February 9, 2009

Free CD's looking for a home!

WOW! Look at all these CD's that I don't really know much about...
If you want them, they're yours. Or tell me if I'll like any of them and maybe I'll keep them for me and give 'em a listen.

  • Jimmy Rankin - Edge of Day
  • Don Brownrigg - Wander Songs
  • Sleepless Nights - Turn into Vapour
  • Grand Theft Bus - Made Upwards Amber
  • Ron Sexsmith - Exit Strategy Gill
  • The Tom Fun Orchestra - You Will Land with a Thud
  • The Trews - No Time for Later Amber
  • The Dresden Dolls - A is for Accident Gill
  • The Dresden Dolls - self titled (autographed!) Gill
  • The Dresden Dolls - Yes, Virginia Raymi
  • Great Lake Swimmers - self titled Karly
  • Great Lake Swimmers -Bodies and Minds Karly
Happy pickin'!

x and o
-Miss A


G said...

Hello Everyone

FYI I will be taking ALL the Dresden Dolls CDs minus Yes, Virginia ONLY because I already have it - so ur lucky cause now you can experience the Dolls for yourself. I'm also taking Ron Sexsmith cause A doesn't KNOW what she's missing givin that puppy up... the rest r yours and The Trews album has been claimed by the dumpster..not really but that's where I think it belongs..that is all

raymi lauren said...

the only one i wanted yer taking SO SHOCKED

sjm said...

Very high Atlantic Canadian %.

Where did you get those CDs, the Nova Scotia Department of Culture?

Anonymous said...

Amber wants Grand Theft Bus!

Anonymous said...

I will take The Trews too lol