Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Feels like the very first time

Hop on in my Delorean all - cuz I'm time travelling!

No but really - it seems that way lately. A couple weeks ago I found myself back at the Bovine with a crowd of people I met there in 2004 drinking copious amounts of Jagermeister (which I don't drink anymore BECAUSE of how much I consumed back in those days).

Then a couple days ago I decided to try listening to Edge102. I normally don't listen to anything but Q107 (classic rock) but I thought I should check in on what "rock" music was sounding like these days.

This is the hour of music I got:

Um... apparently I've now time travelled past 2004 and straight into the mid 90's. EASY THERE DELOREON... Let's not get carried away! As if they went from a full hour of Pearl Jam (TEN was re-released today - so that makes sense) into BACK TO BACK NIRVANA?!?!

It seems like the Edge thrives on playing a bunch of 90's music with some MGMT and Kings of Leon thrown in for kicks. Seriously.

I think I have to go back to Q107... and somehow find my way back to 2009?!


raymi lauren said...

hey it's jim! you weren't kidding!

Diary of a Love/Rock Fiend said...

I don't kid.


jasmineistrash said...

haha oh my look at me chattin away with jim.

i saw him a few months ago it was so awesome seeing him.