Monday, June 15, 2009

I suck another breath to the hearts of the Revolution

Had a bad day yesterday... a very bad day.
I allowed myself to stew in negativity and anger and self loathing on the condition that I wake up today, brush myself off and move on.

After all, why shouldn't I be happy? At 22 I have my health, I have a job in the music industry which I've wanted for as long as I can remember, I've been to Mexico, London, California and New York. I have money, not much, but enough to get by. I've been on adventures most people will never get to experience. I have some really great friends and some incredible memories.

So yeah, I've got some zits... and men are assholes sometimes... and the bank can mess up and give you a Visa with no money on it and ruin your plan to cheer yourself up with the purchase of a festival ticket... But hey, skin clears, there are other men out there and voila the bank can fix thier fuckup pretty quick and you'll have that ticket tomorrow.

So there.

Happiness prevails.

x and o
-Miss A

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sevenyearitch said...

I dig your optimism.