Wednesday, July 1, 2009

20 Questions about my musical taste...

I've been neglecting you, the 8 people that read my blog, and for that I apologize.
I still feel uninspired as far as blogging goes. The Garbage Strike stinks, MJ is dead (I'm not going to get started on my thoughts on that), Farrah Fawcett is gone (that I'm more sad about)....

So here's a total cop-out blog post of a quiz I stole from facebook... creativity at it's best.

1. Who is your favorite band/musician?
David Bowie

2. What was your first concert?
Alanis Morissette "and friends" (said "friends" included Dinosaur Jr, Frente, Wild Strawberries and Our Lady Peace)

3. What was the first CD/album/8 track/tape you bought?
The first tape I owned was Peter Gabriel's "SO" (amazing). The first tape I purchased myself was The Tea Party's "Edges of Twilight" (no comment).

4. Who would be the musicians in your “ultimate super group?”
Arghhh. That's a ridiculous question.
Let's just say the best Genesis lineup (Steve Hackett, Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks, Phil Collins) and have Bowie and Gabriel sing dual vocals. Phil Collins must stay behind the drum kit though...

5. If you could meet any music celebrity, who would it be. (Dead or alive)
Just one? David Bowie. (also Peter Gabriel, Robert Plant, Elvis Costello, Chris Robinson and as far as dead goes, Jim Morrison, Keith Moon)

6. If you could see any band/musician no longer playing, who would it be?
Genesis with Peter Gabriel - my fingers are crossed.

7. What is your favorite music movie/documentary?
Does Almost Famous count as a 'music movie?'
As far as docs go, DIG is great, and The Ziggy Stardust Concert Film is classic. Also just saw Foo Fighters Skin & Bones and really dug it a lot.

8. What band/musician/song is a guilty pleasure?
HA. Come have a look at my CD collection. I know every word to every Spice Girls song, but I really don't feel guilty about that. I suppose I would have to admit that I own the first Pussy Cat Dolls record - and I actually put it on from time to time and sing along and dance like an idiot.

9. Do you play an instrument?
I play guitar quite poorly but I hit a mean tambourine.

10. Have you ever named a child or a pet after a song, musician or musical reference? If yes, what was it? If no, would you?
Once had a cat called Ziggy - it's quite surprising that's the only one I can think of... My next cat will be named Penny Lane, which has an obvious musical reference.

11. What or who was an influence over your love of music?
My Dad, without a doubt. Who knows where I'd be without him.

12. What is the best concert you have ever seen?
David Bowie (obviously), Black Crowes were fantastic as well.

13. Have you ever missed work/school because of music? (concert, ticket sale, CD release, etc…)
HA. Many times. I have my priorities straight.

14. Have you mistaken the lyrics of a song to be something other than what they actually were?
In the first verse of the track "The Last Song" on Foo Fighters' record In Your Honor, it fully sounds like Dave Grohl is singing "Alllisssssoooon" - sadly, he's singing "I listen"

15. If eBay was the only place you could find a copy of your favorite song, how much would your maximum bid be?
I already have several copies of my favorite song.

16. Is the ring tone on your phone a music download? If yes what is it ?
It's not a download, but it is a song. It's currently "Oh My Heart" by Mother Mother

17. What song title best describes you?
"Alison" by Elvis Costello (ha!). One L off from describing me perfectly...

18. What was the last song you listened to?
Foo Fighters - The Last Song (had to check the title)

19. What band/musician would you like to see be, “The next big thing?”
Alberta Cross, The Parlor Mob or The (newly reformed) Wildbirds

20. If you could own any piece of music memorabilia, what would it be?
Anything David Bowie wore on the Ziggy Stardust Tour

Bonus question...what's the most played song on your iPod?
I have a shuffle, so I don't know - according to the 'top 25 most played' tab in my iTunes it's "Hard on Me" by The Wildbirds, which I don't believe, followed by "Watching the Detectives" by Elvis Costello, which I DO believe.

Bonus question #2...Best musician in a reality show?
Storm Large - contestent from Rock Star Supernova


Inkedweezel said...

What is DIG?

loverockfiend said...!

raymi lauren said...

your blog bg photo is brilliant

loverockfiend said...

You're brilliant, Raymi.


Hailey said...

Wow. I am absolutely weirded out by this music quiz... it's pretty much EXACTLY how I would have answered. Bowie is my absolute fave, my first concert was Alanis w/Frente and OLP, my first Pet was a hamster I named Ziggy. My dad is the reason I am a music fiend.. he has taught me well. DIG is pretty incredible, and I don't know another girl anywhere who has referenced it! I could go on forever, but I won't bore you in your comments!

Also, your video blog is wonderful. You can tell by your reading, just how much you connect with that book, and it makes it impossible to NOT want to go out and pick it up.

loverockfiend said...

Wow Hailey - that's spooky!
Perhaps we're the bizarro-world versions of each other...

dun dun dunnnnn...