Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm the ghost of city life

A copy of the new Alberta Cross record landed on a colleagues desk today. I'd been meaning to buy it, but as circumstance would have it, hadn't gotten to it yet. And there it was, shiny and new - filled with songs that weren't strangers to me, but that I hadn't heard in a while. Old friends waiting to be revisited.

And there they were, in fine form. Petter, Terry, Alec, Sam and Austin - darling boys I drove around with that one time. Darker and heavier than their debut EP, Broken Side of Time is a stunning full-length record that goes down nicely with a bottle of red wine, a few hundred cigarettes and a head full of nostalgia.

I won't bore you with some wordy and pretentious review about this particular guitar solo, or that tortured lyric or the artistic principles employed... the album speaks for itself and you're smart enough to form your own opinions.

I could not give you an unbiased review of this record if I tried. Anyone who knows me knows I gave my heart to this band when I first stumbled upon them at All Points West in 2008. Every song attaches itself to a memory. Living room slumber parties, stolen bananas, singing along under an umbrella on a rainy Thursday in Buffalo, dark highways, squealing brakes, getting pulled over in Woodstock, NY, hotel rooms with decor unchanged from 1964, the loudest snoring you've ever heard... and the laughter.

Well done, boys. Well done.

While there are better songs to showcase the mood of the record, this song is speaking to me in particular today. I'd forgotten how moving it was. Beautifully captured:

x&o - Miss A

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