Saturday, December 26, 2009

Festivus Loot.

Hello darlings,

Hope you all had a marvelous festivus! I had a lovely time at my Dad's (nothing I love more than hanging with daddy-o) and I scored some sweet loot both gift-wise and boxing day up-at-6am-walking-around-stores-like-a-zombie-but-scoring-sweet-deals wise...

See below:
Diamonds are a girls best friend - especially in earring form! Spoiled.

BEATLES-opoly! Who wants to come to game night? I call the walrus pawn!

You can't make it out with shitty webcam pix (didn't get a new camera for xmas - humbug) but this is a pretty necklace with english-themed charms! There's a teapot and cup, big ben, a crown and a royal guard! Loooove it.

I had to wake up at 5:30 am and drive to walmart to wait in line - but I snagged me a sliiccckkk Tom Tom GPS and I'm geeking out so hard...

Now I can yakk while I drive without being pulled over! Hoorah!

Boxing day boots!

Music. The gift that gives and gives... Rubber Soul, The Ultimate Joe Cocker collection, and Tom Petty greatest hits - stoked.

I CAN EAT!!! (Wait... I'm supposed to BUY food with these? Not eat them? Ohhhhh...)

I managed to keep a festive attitude despite some pretty shitty developments in my Dad's ongoing health problems... I don't know how the greatest man in the world deserves these constant afflictions, and it breaks my heart. It's the worst when something happens suddenly (as it did on Xmas morning) and I'm forced to put on a brave and unaffected face when all I really want to do is cry and curse out the gods for being such douches to my amazing father.


Anyhow, it could be much worse and I must be thankful for that.'

Love you all. Be well.

x&o - Miss A


mrjackstraw said...

Hey LRF,

Just wanted to pass along kudos on your writings and ramblings. I ended up here after signing up at Blog Catalog & seeing your blog in the Rock category. Anyway, my productive morning took a hit when I started reading which got me scattered. It happens :) I am going to revisit Douglas Adams now. I forgot how good the Trilogy was. Now that you have the Tom Tom I recommend a major US road trip. I was able to see America many times over chasing my favorite band around the country. Based on what I've read though, I think Austin, TX would be right up your alley. Good luck with the new store.


Tiffany said...

YOU GOT MY MONOPOLY!!!! Lucky broad!
I left a message and was hoping to hear about what happened to your daddy-o, i hope all is well. Merry ho ho and i loves your face.

ilovepaddleboat said...

bring over beatleopoly!!!!!!!!!