Sunday, December 6, 2009

new things!

New red lips courtesy of M.A.C - I often feel I look like a clown with red lips. My lips aren't small and red tends to amplify them to the umpteenth degree - and make my teeth look a beautiful shade of yellow while it's at it, but with the help of my friend Ashley I found a colour that works and now get to rock the festive holiday red with the best of them!

Color: dubonnet
Store: M.A.C

Another fun find. What time is it? TIME TO ROCK (obviously) - mad cheesy guitar-shaped watch for like $8.00 (2 for $15). God bless the mall.

Store: Ardene
Training at my new job pretty much every day - so forgive the lack of posting - I'll be back in action when things settle down!

x&o - A


Alexxx said...

That colour looks amazing on you! <3

Karly said...

That watch is cheesey, hilarious and YOU. Love it!

raymi lauren said...

looks so good. don't mask those lips. so in love with malls right now.

loverockfiend said...

Thanks, ladies!