Saturday, January 30, 2010

Homeward bound?

I'm in the midst of a transitional period in life. Trying to decide where my future lies. All I know is it's not in Canada. I have no desire to stay in this country but remain torn about what to do to remedy this.

I have a love affair with the US which no one really understands. When I lost my job in November I made a wild plan to save as much money as possible and take off on a 6month road trip across America. I intended to blog the entire experience and share it with you all.

I've also always had a supreme love for England. My father was born there and when I visited in 2008 I certainly left a piece of my heart. Now friends are moving there and it's making me wonder if that is a better choice for me.

When it comes down to it - I have no chance at eligibility to legally live in the USA, apart from marrying someone, my chances are slim to none. When it comes to the UK I'm likely to be eligible for citizenship or at the very least right to abode since my father and his family are from there - if not I can get a holiday visa entitling me to live and work there for 2 years.

I am still torn because I think the road trip would be such an incredible life experience - though it may just be a tease as I'll never be able to live in the places I visit and will ultimately have to return to Canada, broke and miserable. The UK is also extremely far away and if I am denied citizenship I will have to return to Canada as well, with a broken heart...

What do you think I should do?
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x&o - Miss A


Kyle said...

I voted for the USA, of course biased as I grew up and live in California. Six years ago I drove across the country and there was no other better experience in my life. You'll remember it forever. Who knows maybe things will work out and you can live here.

Rat In A Cage said...

You should try to do both! Drive across the US & then move to the UK.