Friday, January 1, 2010

I'm a solo artist...

Happy New Year, lovers and strangers.

It is 2010 somehow and while normally I don't get too over-the-top with the dawning of a new year (or decade in this case) I have SUCH an incredible feeling about this year.

I've never started a year in such good spirits. I'm happy - excited to start fresh... this year is the year my life really begins I think...

In other news, I just watched Cameron Crowe's Singles, which for some reason I'd never seen before... Crowe really is a genius. The man just knows how to say it as it is. His films are so unbelievably poignant for me.

For the first time in ever I am TRULY happy being single - we all say that sometimes I think in an effort to convince ourselves, but the past couple months have been so liberating - I've made so many changes and big plans that I just feel like I could take on the world. I really do.

I also need to find somewhere to get this song, iTunes store doesn't have it:

Happy 2010!

x&o - Miss A

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Paul Wynn said...

happy new years! Its good to hear someone who genuinely says they're happy to be single