Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We are family

Hello lovers and strangers,

My little sis came to visit me for a couple days this week. Entertaining a young'en is hard - especially hard when she's the most silent young'en the world has ever known, but she's my baby sis and I love her fiercely - some claim too fiercely (I jump to her defense even when it's unnecessary and tend to answer questions for her since I know she's shy). Sorry Kaykay. Love you.
Night one, we chilled in and lit a fire, and sat around with our laptops doing dick all. Norma was very happy to have a new face in the house and refused to leave her alone (she's such a slut).
Cozy, non?
Day two we went to my work for lunch with Jess, then I took her to Forever 21 for the first time - her eyes lit up like a christmas tree and she finally got to use the gift card I got her for her bday. Post-shop we went tanning, got our nails did (I'm very happy with this wacky bright sorbet-type color!) and made FAJITAS mmmmmm...

Post fajitas we went to The Central to visit the infamous Raymi and teach sis a little bit about big city livin'

The minx is looking like a smokin' babe these days... I may have to stop hanging out with her to avoid jealousy, especially now that she's single and livin' it up. She's officially my pimp (as seen in her recent blog post.)
My sis is too pretty for her own good. Gentleman watch your hearts - she's gonna break them.

Miss you, sissy-poo. Come back again soon!

In other news... guess who's going to see Peter Gabriel perform Scratch My Back in Montreal?


2 tickets purchased, suckas! Good seats too! Not sure if even the toughest waterproof mascara will withstand the face rivers that are sure to come from such an epic show!!!

x&o - Miss A

P.s. I bought a super fancy new camera (Canon Power Shot SX20) so my blog is officially back in business!

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raymi lauren said...

hey can you post a uglier picture of me next time thanks!?