Saturday, December 29, 2007


The new year is approaching...time to reform, people. Not having the best time this holiday season, so I figure I'll clean out some of these old bats and take a little 'me time' - oh how I love being a walking cliche. :P

Step number one: Stop eating crap
(Yes that is a photo of mee eating a slice of pizza with a fork). Eating crap is crappy. It makes you feel crappy, it makes your skin crappy, it makes you look crappy. So I'm gonna eat some salad now...whole lotta salad and chicken breast in the new year. Mmmmm health.

Step number two: Take a break from the boozin' Although I am a pleasure to be around when I'm on the sauce...I've begun to turn off of it. I'm at a juncture where I would normally jump headfirst into a vat of liquid comfort - use it as a distraction from things I'd rather not think about, but I don't feel that urge right now, so I think it's a good time to give the ol' liver a rest. Better for the pocketbook too, since I'm about to be a brokeass student.

Step number three: Work it out

(Can we just pause and appreciate that sweet photoshop work? Thanks.) Time to start taking advantage of the gym membership I haven't used in over 2 months, non? Oui. Sweat it all out, yo. I want my pipes back, so I can make lame "2 tickets to the gun show" jokes again. Those were the days...
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ other news...
My favourite client/second mom is the best woman on the planet. She came in this morning and sensed that I was not in a good way, so we had a nice talk, she said that I looked pretty when I was teary eyed (awe) and asked if she could grab me something to eat. I told her I didn't feel much like eating and was on a strict coffee and cigarettes diet at the moment, so she said she'd bring me a coffee later on. An hour and a half later she walks in with a small coffee-maker, a HUGE tub of coffee, a box of filters, a bag of sugar, some coffee-mate (because we don't have a fridge for milk), and a box of arrowroot cookies (which she proclaimed to be low-cal)! What a lady. I adore her.

Now I am wired (WIRED) on my third cup of coffee because all I've eaten today is about 8 arrowroots. WOOOOOOOOT! mmmcoffeecoffeecoffeeeee.

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i miss you, fathead.