Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Well, we've made it through another year. Here we are - 2008. I'm happy to say I rang in my New Year in the very best way...

Stayed in with my best, had a couple very mild, girly cocktails, and watched Thelma and Louise, toasted 2008, then moved on to Hedwig and the Angry Inch. It was so nice to stay in and not make a big ordeal of a day that, let's face it, is just like any other.

Today I slept in late, then went to Johanna's for a Sex in the City marathon and some Chinese. A lot of the episodes were quite poignant, though I suppose that's the beauty of that show. I am Carrie Bradshaw, minus the amazing wardrobe.

As I made my way home, freezing cold, iPod on - playing a melancholy tune, I started to slowly slip into a puddle of regrets and self-pity, when suddenly a chunk of ice fell off of a tree branch and hit me in the face. I'm pretty sure that was the Universe's not-so-subtle way of telling me to shut the fuck up and get on with it.

So here's to 2008 - a year without regret (and hopefully without ice related face-welting)!


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