Monday, December 17, 2007

Today is the first day of the rest of your (online) life...

Hello friends and strangers, and welcome to my new blog - which is like my old blog - but new...
I needed a change of pace and scenery - so I thought I'd start from scratch, and here we are.

SO - I suppose the only thing to do is compartmentalize the most recent and exciting happenings in my world...
#1 - NYC Trip
I went to NYC on quite the whim a couple weeks ago. Took the bus to the train, and the train to the city, to see my darling boys...

It was good to see the boys again, play some catch up, dance the night away.
Not only did I get to see my lads again, but I met 2 of the greatest glam companions a girl could ever know!

Kimme and Kit, my dear new friends and I frocked out and got a bit kooky at The Hawaiin Tropic Zone in Times Square! Complete with Go-Go dancers, creepy businessmen with their camera phones ready and servers wearing nothing but bikini's and sarongs - it was quite the night - and a great show. I shall miss them dearly. Hopefully they'll be coming to visit this side of the border very soon!
NYC facebook album:

#2 - Not Too Cool for School
Finally got word from Seneca - as of Jan 7th I am officially a part of their Independent Music Production program. I look forward to being poor, hungry and overworked from then until September.

NOTE: Happy Birthday to Tiffany!


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