Thursday, December 4, 2008

Doctor Doctor, is there a cure for a young man's broken blue?

I hate hospitals.

My mystery allergy kicked in Tuesday night...wheezy difficult breathing. Took a couple Benadryl, but they made my breathing really shallow which of COURSE triggered a panic attack. Spent the night on the phone with Telehealth trying to calm down.

In the morning my breathing was bad again and I was SO groggy and lethargic I felt I might fall asleep standing up. I thought if I could just make it to work and get a coffee to help open my airways I'd be fine, but of course, my psycho brain wouldn't co-operate and BAM! PANIC! Had to jump of the streetcar and hop a cab to the nearest emergency room.

Of course the triage and registration nurses took their bloody time (as usual), apparently my tears, loud breathing and visible all-over-shaking did not give them cause for concern.

mmmmmm needle wounds.

By the time I got into a room I had calmed down a bit, but after five hours of being poked with needles, stuck with electronic devices and xrays...all they told me was that I'm anemic. (hmmm cuz that explains the wheezy allergy breathing). Assholes.

I found a family doc accepting patients, so hopefully he's less douchey and helps me get to the bottom of this.

My new partners in the war against anemia/anxiety:

Time for a lifestyle/diet overhaul. More iron, more protein, more healthy nonsense. Also looking into taking up Yoga to clear the ole' mind. Any advice/tips would be appreciated!


I will now end with a funny (to me) anecdote/photo:

Found this on my whiteboard, drawn by my roomate after a particularly funny conversation we had the previous night.

I was scheming a future double date opportunity with a friend of mine, myself, and two handsome strangers...

ME: It would be grand! We could start a folk group - we'd be like the Mama's and the Papa's!

J: Who's gonna choke on the ham sandwich?

ME: *ponders...frowns* well, I guess I'm the fatter one.



(as I type this I realize it may have been a 'you had to be there' type situation.)

x and o
-Miss A


Roxx said...

Stay clear of coffee for a while and anything that might be stressful.. learn to recognize the signs so you can take an ativan before it kicks in and/or sit down, close your eyes and take deep and slow breathe in and out your nose ONLY!! Panic attacks are no fun.. but as my doctor told me (and beleive me I wanted to kick him when he said that..) the worst that can happen is that you'll pass out and start breathing normally again.. you can't die from it!

Love you missy!! xxo

raymi lauren said...

good luck al, i mean it, call me if yer having an attack, do not feel sheepish about it. rescue remedy is a saviour.