Monday, December 1, 2008


3 words. OH.MY.GOD.
I discovered a disc from my past...filled with photographs of me at 15 in my Manson-obsessed goth days.
Please prepare yourself for HILARITY.
I can't explain how much this made my day.

My kitten Lucifer (yes Lucifer)... I miss his wee heart.

At a party in highschool...I refused to go in the pool for fear of my eyebrows washing off.

So badass. (I made that shirt with the heart as a Valentines day protest)

Apparently I fancied myself a vampire...crying tears of red lip gloss. SO AWESOME.

Bullet necklace. Hardcore.

Miss this coat.

15 year old angst.

Gothin' it up to the max.

Ah the lack of eyebrows... grand.

AND THE BEST DISCOVERY OF ALL (considering yesterday's blog dilemma):

LOOK AT THE HISTORY. Are you sure you want me to throw it away? REALLY?

*sigh* such a lovely trip down memory lane.

x and o
-Miss A


raymi lauren said...


misskristar said...

oh how i remember meeting you like this...

we won't even go into me as a goth - though thank goodness i never did shave my eyebrows off...

Tiffany said...

HA. best pictures ever.
dont ever get rid of that MM poster. its a part of you.

Baby In Black said...

Your hot. Miss ya.