Friday, January 23, 2009

I want to get away, I want to fly away

Another horrifying night out in Toronto (Thursday). Started off nice enough. Went to see my dears The Evelyn Room play at the Elmo - great show, even though no one was there. Such a good band. Can't wait to see them again at Tattoo next Wednesday (the 28th - mark your calendar)!

Then Gill insisted we accompany her to Hart House (UofT campus) to see Foxfire, a band I've seen many times, and while they're not my musical cup of tea I find it's always a fun show, with a lot of talent onstage. HOWEVER... Hart House is not built for live music and it sounded AWFUL... probably the worst sounding show I've ever heard, no fault of the band. That was not the only problem though... the more glaring, constant, irritating problem, was the PEOPLE in attendance. Hipster-fucking-central. (disclaimer: the photos in this blog are not mine, nor are they of people I know - google image search has provided me with these gems).
One of the things I hate most about Toronto is the Hipsters. Hipster culture is obnoxious as a whole, in any country/city but Toronto Hipsters? They just depress me. New York has always been a landmark of cool, London is probably the coolest city on earth... but Toronto is NOT COOL... therefore the hipster-go-to air of superiority DOESN'T WORK.

It actually makes me agitated and angry being around these people... like "hey guys, let's get dressed up in head-to-toe dayglo spandex outfits and go to the social and get obnoxiously hammered whilst dancing to shitty electro music! WHEEE!"

go back to fucking Brampton, assholes.

*sigh* I need to get out of this country.

(*for the record... I realize this rant is a massive generalization. I do have friends that dress in this particular fashion - but they are exceptions, they listen to non-robotic music and don't drink their vodka straight out of a 40...)

ALSO: Read THIS. It's far more articulate and brilliant than my angry ranting. And in response to the comment made by Gavin McInnes (one of the founders of VICE magazine):
“I’ve always found that word [“hipster”] is used with such disdain, like it’s always used by chubby bloggers who aren’t getting laid anymore and are bored, and they’re just so mad at these young kids for going out and getting wasted and having fun and being fashionable,” he says. “I’m dubious of these hypotheses because they always smell of an agenda.”

...hmm well I may blog, but I'm not chubby and I have no problems in the 'getting laid' department athankyouverymuch.

P.s. your magazine is a waste of paper...and time.


Leora said...

If you think you've got a problem with hipsters in Toronto, come to Vancouver. All these hipsters here who are trying to emulate I don't know what, and concentrated themselves to literally one or two streets of the whole downtown area; this city is so unsophisticated!

Adbusters has an article that I love called Hipster: The Dead End of Western Civilization. Read it if you haven't!

Anonymous said...

None of these guys know what the hell era they want their fashion to be inspired by... I saw bob dylan, madonna, prince, fresh prince, and so many other celeb impersonators.

Diary of a Love/Rock Fiend said...

Leora - that article is brilliant. So brilliant I'm putting a link in my post for all to read.

Thanks for sharing!

mk said...

hate hate hatttter...

raymi lauren said...

it's gavin mcinness and he's right, we'll have a long chat later.

raymi lauren said...

and there was more to his statement that wasn't used. hipster is the old mod, what the fuck next who knows, doesn't matter cos the same shitty toronto 'tude vibe will always be prevalent.

Phronk said...

I agree that London is the coolest city on Earth.

Wait we're talking about London Ontario right?

Wait, I wouldn't agree even if we were.

Where the hell am I?

Diary of a Love/Rock Fiend said...

Yeah man. London, Ontario is the shit. Almost as badass as Brantford, Ontario.

Karly said...

You know Brantford is BADASS! That's where you bottle bitches.