Monday, January 26, 2009

My brain hurts a lot...

Oh Dakota Tavern... ruiner of lives.
I'm mega hungover right now. STILL. I didn't eat very much yesterday and celebrated a visit from my out-of-town friend WAY TOO HARD. Drinking caused me to make poor choices, like ordering more drinks.
Ended up spending the night at my pal Chris's house, and waking up with a VERY INTENSE hangover.
We shuffled over to Sunset Grill for some greasy breakfast - but they kept making me laugh so I barely made it through my meal without choking and dying.

Some examples of their hilarity:
"I only drive drunk when you're too drunk to drive" - Chris

"If you're not surviving... you're dead." - Kevin

"Quit dropping my glasses... the rhinestones are gonna fall out!" - Chris

"2+1 doesn't equal spring" - Chris's amazing the pure nonsense that spills out of the mouths of the hungover.
We watched the Wrestler. It's still brilliant.

-Miss A.

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