Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wish I could close my eyes and make it go away

Happy St. Douche's Day!

St. Patrick's day has to be my LEAST favourite of all the holidays. Let's give idiot frat kids another excuse to go out and drink excessively! I refuse to go out on March 17th. I can't stand being surrounded by the drunken stupidity that ensues. I did however, by pure coincidence, grab my U2 Greatest Hits 1980-90 this morning on my way out the door, and it wasn't until a few songs in that I realized how cliche I was for listening to it on this of all days. At least I didn't accidentally wear green - that would have been overkill - especially as a redhead.

Went to my first ever fashion show on Friday night with 3 of my fave gals. The opening show of Toronto Fashion Week - Greta Constantine. I quite enjoyed it. The show was great - lots of strong pieces that I would definitely wear.

(Photos: blogTO)
I loved the feather and fur details. I might kill a man for that black fur vest. For serious. The only unfortunate thing about the show (aside from the fact that we had to stand) was that fashion industry people and their hangers-on really do live up to their stereotypes. I saw so many noses in the air and double-cheek-kisses that I wanted to jump off the nearest balcony. Needless to say, we made a quick escape.

I met up with my dear darling Laney who has moved back to Toronto just as I am leaving (JERK!) and met her Scottish/Irish friends known as Skibunny who were in town for CMW. Awesome gang - but sadly I had to miss their show due to birthday parties that required my attendance.

Moving prep is coming along - although I moved backwards a bit when I suddenly had an urge to re-read some Douglas Coupland and had to open 3 of my nicely packed boxes of books to find him!

If you go out tonight I wish you godspeed and good luck. I'll be curled up safe at home with some Oscar Wilde and Easter chocolates. (WAY more awesome than you...)

x and o
-Miss A

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