Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So apparently Edge102 did their job as far as brainwashing goes - I stopped in HMV on the way home from work and picked up Pearl Jam's TEN - reissued deluxe edition. My my is it ever pretty. First disc is the original record - remastered. Second disc is TEN REDUX - the remixed version plus 6 bonus tracks, and it also comes with a DVD of Pearl Jam MTV Unplugged (previously unreleased). All in a beautiful little book with tons of classic pictures, notes, artwork and doodles from the band.

I'm listening to the first disc and it sounds bloody brilliant. One of those records that really stands the test of time.

Listening to it makes me remember the hardcore crush I had on Eddie Vedder in the 90's when I was just a young lass. The video for Jeremy did me in hardcore:

...*sigh* still does.

x and o
-Miss A


Tiffany said...

oh hell yes. this is in my top ten albums ever in life. brings a tear to my eye when i think about the time in my life that this record made so special. very nice allison :)

Twolia said...

Jeremy is one of my all time favs...and I own the CD too. Thanks for the remind...

Diary of a Love/Rock Fiend said...

No problem Twoila. Definitely consider picking up the deluxe edition. The remixed version sounds incredible. So clean and raw.