Monday, May 18, 2009

You say you're leavin' on a 7:30 train...

The beagle has been dubbed JASPER. Thanks for your suggestions, they were all wonderful - but you know how it is, sometimes a great name just doesn't fit the personality!

I'm browsing olllldddd journal entries (if you go to the very first post in this blog you'll find a link to my old livejournal, and in the last post on that you'll find an archive of my old myspace musings as well)... it's very strange how vividly you remember some things... and how others fade.

I've made the decision that this is going to be an EXCELLENT summer, and I refuse to be told otherwise. First road-trip is in just over a week, my dear partner in crime Britt and I are off to Buffalo (glamourous, I know) to see Alberta Cross on a Thursday and then see where the rest of the weekend takes us... then Lollapalooza in August - and hopefully several weekend jaunts in the interim. It's going to be a summer to remember. I can't wait.

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