Tuesday, August 18, 2009

21 things I want in a lover...

I was recently ranting to a coworker about what I wanted in a man. "IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK?!" I yelled, frustrated after stating a few simple wishes. Her response? "Write it down. There's something about writing it down." Apparently both her husband and her had to do this funny little exercise at some point in their young lives before they met. "We're each others list," she said. Apparently they match each others list down to eerie detail.

The concept reminded me of an Alanis Morissette song called "21 Things I Want in a Lover" from her third album Under Rug Swept.

So as Alanis says, "These are 21 things I want in a lover. Not necessarily needs, but qualities that I prefer:"

1. love and passion for Music. Appreciation for all genres.
2. gorgeous eyes. I'm a sucker for eyes that crinkle when you smile. (gross).
3. good hair - preferably longer...
4. articulate.
5. love for travel.
6. musical talent (yeah yeah yeah, I tend to date guys in bands - get over it)
7. a smile that makes my knees weak.
8. healthy sex drive ;)
9. great lips, excellent kisser.
10. good sense of style.
11. sense of humor, dry wit, sarcasm
12. can quote Almost Famous as well as I can.
13. tattoos - at least one.
14. love of reading.
15. impulsive, spontaneous
16. nice arms - not bulky and huge, but nice, strong...
17. genuine interest in my friends and family (and of course in me)
18. retro sensibilities, love of the music, film and culture of the 60's and 70's
19. passionate in everything he does
20. sense of loyalty
21. just the right mixture of sexy and adorable

Wow... that was not easy. At all. What a strange thing to come up with.
Here's hoping one day I can check all of these off...

x and o
-Miss A

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Karly said...

How much are you willing to bend on these rules? haha. Cuz yes, yes it's too much to ask ;)