Friday, January 29, 2010

Bargain Bin times

New goal: to do it with Viggo Mortenson circa Walk on the Moon.

Seriously? Seriously.

Then again, you put any moderately attractive male actor in a role set in 1969-1973, make him grow some hair and sideburns, maybe a handlebar mustache, and I'm bound to enjoy it. Ohhhh so predictable.

Sometimes my bargain bin movie shopping pays off. Sometimes it doesn't. Today was a score.

Some past hits and misses in my bargain bin dvd collection:

-A Walk on the Moon
-Trust the Man
-Rumor Has it

-Pretty Persuasion
-Suburban Girl (Alec Baldwin is in it so I figured I'd love it. Wrong.)
-A Guy Thing

I will never understand why you read my blog... It's so ridiculously random, but I love you for it!

x&o - Miss A

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Savage Matt said...

I read your blog because I am wonderfully random myself.