Sunday, November 8, 2009

Retail therapy

Why does shopping hurt so good?
Spent waaayyyy too much money this weekend on pretty things. It's been FOREVER since I've had a little money to spend on myself. I may have overdone it, but I'm so happy with my new possessions!

Some treasures from my weekend shopping excursions:
Boho top.

Black lace gloves.

Gucci-inspired studded heels - oh how I LOVE THEM.

We should play a little "price is right" - you'd never guess that the most expensive of these 3 items cost only $29.99! Oh Winners, I adore thee...

This happy camper is going to sleep now - to sleep perchance to dream of pretty trinkets and bobbles that make a day less dull.

Goodnight, darlings!

x and 0 - Miss A

1 comment:

bearockr said...

Hey ! I just found your blog, and must say , Loved your Retail therapy ! You really are a gorgeous lady, and the accessories you are wearing in these pics really amuse me of your style ! Looking forward to more of your awesome posts !