Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Romancing America

The new game plan for life unfolded tonight in a gchat conversation with Jess (more like AT Jess). See the fruits of my daydreaming below:

Me: Let's all just sell our shit, take off in the grandpamobile and sell arts and crafts for drug money haha

Jess: u don't do drugs

Me: I might start

Jess: *sigh* say no to drugs

Me: fine we'll spend it on food and shelter then

Jess: the responsible choice
and where would we go?

Me: across America - Jack Kerouac stylez

Jess: sounds like you have it all figured out

Me: for sure we'll bring a camera and a laptop - start a blog of our adventures

Jess: I'm on board, if i can bring odis (odis is her dog)

Me: ...which we'll publish later as our memoires
We'll call it "Romancing America"

Jess: u have put too much thought into this

Me: I dream
big dreams

Jess: haha

Me: S can come too - all scorned women
we can blare "you oughtta know" whilst cruising the I-90

Jess: haha I dont even have to live it, you can just tell me how it turns out

Me: come on I'll bring my guitar - you can learn to play it we'll busk on the santa monica pier.
I'll enter in karaoke contests and win us gas money to keep going

jess has gone offline.

Anyone else think this is the best idea I've ever had? Who's on board for the journey???

Raymi, I'm looking at you.

x&o - Miss A

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raymi lauren said...

wearing your profile photo dress right now and pics are on my blog. im game.